Ayurveda Skin Wellness

What is Beauty?

If a woman, it is said in a Tantra, abandons herself often enough to the dreams that spring from her heart, the mood that arises will color the whole of her person. Is it not one of the most common of commonplaces in conversation that in moments of intellectual or emotional excitement the features of the plainest person assume an aspect of exquisite beauty?



Ayurveda Skin Wellness


We honor how unique you are. You deserve treatments and support that is tailored made for you. Beauty is more than skin deep. Most beauty and spa treatments today only touch the surface and are often unable to provide any lasting effects or adequately address skin problems.

Chapter 1 Wellness approaches skincare and body care wellness not just a luxury, but also a necessity for today’s lifestyle. We believe that the daily use of natural herbs and essential oils should naturally accompany an individuals’ emphasis on nutrition and exercise. Consistent use of herbs and essential oils work effectively to strengthen the immune system; keep the body de-stressed; firm, tone and improve circulation; nurture the body, the mind and spirit.

We apply the ancient, holistic wisdom of Ayurveda to the everyday care of the face and skin. Chapter 1 Wellness offers Ayurveda minded organic and transformative gender neutral professional product lines; Essensa Provence Active, Bindi, Ajara and Diamond Way. Holistic nutritional and eco-oriented skincare aesthetics and body care and therapeutic massage await you. Each treatment gives the body the ideal resources for release, repair and perfect health.



Ayurvedic Skin Care

Essential Oil PhotographHealthy internal radiance is regarded by Ayurveda as the true definition of beauty. The skin is seen as the mirror of inner health. The external body is simply the manifestation of everything that happens inside, including our emotions. By Addressing the components of life, we can control our skin’s health.

At the heart center of Ayurveda is a detailed system of diagnosis according to constitutional types (Dosha). In the aesthetics of Ayurveda, we notice stress shown on the skin in different ways. Our skin may be dehydrated, oily, acne prone, or subjected to occasional or frequent rashes, depending on our constitutional type. As we age, most of us are aware that our skin just doesn’t look as good as it could and doesn’t have a glow to it.

In Ayurvedic aesthetics and body therapies, healing mixtures of pure herbs are often mixed from literally hundreds of possible combinations according to the condition and constitution of the client, and then a therapeutic massage follows. Ayurvedic treatments consist of varying combinations of marma points or lymphatic massage, breathing techniques, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy. In general, given the right support through cleansing and nourishing,  skin can naturally bring itself into harmony. 

Descriptions of the 3 Dosha

VATA (AIR) individuals have a lot of movement in them. They are generally thin, and either tall or short. They have prominent bones and thin skin. Their veins are easy to see and their skin is often cold. Vata type of skin is dry, has very small pores and a tendency toward fine wrinkles. The constant  movements of Vata can sometimes cause feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Vata individuals need treatments and skin care that will calm their sensory, hydrate their dry skin and warm their body.

PITTA (FIRE) individuals are of average build and usually have sensitive skin. Their skin is slightly oily, sensitive, and frequently hot as well as has a tendency toward broken capillaries and rashes. Pitta type individuals are very driven and motivated. Their intensity can sometimes cause bouts of anger and jealousy. Pitta individuals need treatments that will soothe their temperature, cool their body and be gentle and nurturing to their sensitive skin.

KAPHA (EARTH) individuals have features that are slightly larger than Vata and Pitta. Their physical frames are usually rather large, as are their features. Excessive oiliness, large pores and a tendency to breakout in cystic acne generalizes Kapha’s skin. Emotionally, Kapha type has a calm and collected temperament. Kapha individuals need treatment that will stimulate their temperament, address the oiliness in their skin, and warm their body.

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