Provence Active Organics Skincare


Over 45 years ago Essensa was born in the heart of Provence with the original vision of offering an alternative to western medicine.


Today essensa encompasses a palette of unique treatments which draw their potency from a fusion of traditional remedies with modern expertise.


Purity is what differentiates essensa, there are no: synthetic aroma, chemicals, artificial coloring agents, artificial preservatives, perfumes, animal based ingredients, animal testing and no excess packaging.


Each individuals skin is different and has specific needs that constantly change under the influence of time, seasons, diet, age and environmental factors. Essensa’s unique approach to esthetics allows you the customize and personalize each treatment with the essensamixology method , we will design customs programs that fit all of your needs.

Essensa is from Provence, France – world renowned as one of the most beautiful natural regions on earth.

Essensa has the purest, hightest concentration of organic, naturopathic and aromatherapy blends on the market today.

Mother earth and plants provide the primary ingredients of life and have an extremely high compatibility with the skin.

Essensa selects only the finest herbs, essential oils and botanical extracts – in the purest concentrations of any other commercially available product line. Through extensive research, careful selection of ingredients, and sophisticated blending technology, essensa elevates skin care into a new generation of quality, purity and performance.

With multi-dimensional and expert blending of herbs, extracts and essensa’s exclusive formulas, essensa organics truly targets the root of each skin condition.