History of stone healing


Shila abhyanga is a Sanskrit term meaning stone massage. It has its roots in the medical Ayurvedic colleges of India as part of the curriculum for over 5000 years.

stone facialThe integration of heated and chilled stones in massage therapy has become widely appreciated and accepted as an enduring effective modality within the bodywork industry. This ancient form of healing has not resurfaced to replace the healing hand, but instead, to be used as an adjunct to enhance alternative and mainstream bodywork systems. Stones can be used as extensions of the hand or as tools, depending on the client and the desired effect. Be cognizant that the essence of stone therapy is elevated by the transference of authentic compassion and trust between the therapist and the client. This compassion then becomes imprinted within the matrix of each stone. Without this foundation of compassion and trust, the stones are rendered useless.

Stones have been used for healing since the beginning of time. People have ingested, worn and applied them to the body for healing purposes. Depending on each cultures level of knowledge the methods for healing with stones can be quite different. Since the level of consciousness varies greatly from one civilization to another, stones have been used in a very primitive or extremely sophisticated fashion. A stone’s chemistry frequency at which they vibrate and geometrical form will determine its healing potential. Stones have always been seen as ancient reservoirs of power. Stones have also been known as the great round or the cosmic egg of the goddess. Ancients would use stones to line energy fields or grids in the earth to track the moon. Long ago in India, ancient Sanskrit writings recorded the healing and magical powers of the stones known in that region. Also the Egyptians left us some of the most complete records of the properties and uses of stones, practiced and placement of these prized possessions in tombs. Many other cultures around the world some isolated from one another assigned identical or similar powers to these stones. Using these stones for healing is not new. Creating patterns on the body to replicate sacred geometrical designs can access the highest healing power. The universe was created thoughtfully as the innate & divine intelligence strategically placed different stones and crystals in various locations all over the world.

Sacred stone: facial & Ayurvedic beauty